Infinity Pool

Wake up at the resort, breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the magical sunrise. Then, you slowly drop into the cool water and listen to the soothing song of the sea. All paint a beautiful dreamy picture, no one has the opportunity to admire and remember.
Our swimming pool is located in the center of the resort, surrounded by a verdant flower garden and cared for every day. We have arranged many chairs and umbrellas around the pool for you to read or relax.
The water in the lake is always fresh and very good for swimming in the morning or after a day of exploring Phan Thiet, Mui Ne. We have a note on the water level in the lake for you to easily identify and guide children along.
Swimming pool with clear blue water close to the coast, separated from the sea by only a fine, golden sand. The swimming pool is divided into two basic areas: an adult pool with a depth of 1.6m and a swimming pool for children. You are also very assured that there is always a guard on duty here to ensure the safety of visitors
Event organization - Wedding
Surrounded by the beauty of the vast coastline and beautiful sunshine, Aroma also provides wedding planning services. From there, you can enjoy the romantic fairy-tale style on important occasions.
Restaurant - Bar
The resort's restaurant system specializes in serving Vietnamese and European dishes, along with Phan Thiet's specialties with fresh seafood. The restaurant space is designed in the style of stilt houses with a cool feeling, surrounded by fresh flower pots with artistic bamboo and rattan furniture.
In particular, Aroma also has a fitness service right at the resort. With the most modern machinery system and a variety of forms, there is a personal trainer. Surely you will be able to comfortably exercise.
Spa - Massage
This place always welcomes you with a space filled with green trees, cool breeze and melodious music. As a result, visitors can enjoy moments of relaxation, rejuvenation and vitality.
Acreage: 39 m2 View: Sea view Amount: 10 room
Acreage: 37 m2 View: Garden view Amount: 10 room
Acreage: 119 m2 View: Pool view Amount: 4 room
Acreage: 98 m2 View: Garden view Amount: 2 room
Acreage: 84 m2 View: Garden View Amount: 4 room
Acreage: 55 m2 View: Sea View Amount: 24 room
Acreage: 55 m2 View: Garden view Amount: 24 room
Acreage: 51 m2 View: Garden view Amount: 16 room
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